Texo Integrity+ Case Study - Helideck Refurbishment

June 20, 2019

Project: Helideck Refurbishment

The Scope

Texo Integrity+ were commissioned to carry out a helideck coating refurbishment on an offshore semi-submersible drilling rig.

The scope was awarded by the drilling contractor who required a turnkey package to ensure minimal operational disruption.

The Solution

Texo provided a full pre-project RAMS strategy to ensure maximum safety at all stages of the deployment.

The team erected a 25m x 25m x 3m habitat ensuring a heat shrink wrap encapsulation of the entire helideck.

Extensive surface preparation works were carried out including, a full UHP blast of the entire 492m2 surface area ensuring a tight edge with no lose edges. The next stage in the project was to pressure wash the removal of any residual contaminates ready for coating work.

A fully documented salt and temperature test was carried out on all areas of the helideck prior to the first coat being applied.

The first coat of Jotamastic WG 90 (Alu) primer was spray applied and left to cure for 6 hours, as per coating specification.

A topcoat of Jotarmour was spray & aggregate applied and left to cure for 24 hours.

The project team then applied the regulatory helideck markings in accordance with the CAP-437 Standards for Helicopter Landing Areas.

Full and extensive safety & quality assurance testing was carried out throughout the project including: WFT & DFT checks and the mandatory Helideck Friction Test.

The Result

The client was delighted with the end result of this work scope; being awarded the highest level of certification - 2 years (before requiring re-testing).

Phillip MacDonald, Managing Director, Texo Integrity+ said: “I am delighted with this project. My team delivered an outstanding solution for the client, giving them a 2-year certificated Helideck.”

Chris O’Rourke from Jotun Paints Europe Ltd commented: “Jotun have a strike rate of 100% success with the system we provided against the CAP 437 standard.

Texo’s experienced applicators had worked with the Jotun products previously and applied the products as a multi coat system astutely and professionally. The standard required to pass the friction test reading for CAP 437 is 0.50mu outside the landing circle and 0.65mu inside the landing circle.

By following the guidelines supplied by Jotun and excellent workmanship carried out by Texo Integrity+, the helideck was handed back to the client with an average grip reading of 0.98mu rating of the entire helideck. 0.96mu outside the landing circle & 1.0mu (highest reading achievable) within the landing circle.

Over 0.65mu in the landing circle achieves a 1 year certificate. Over 0.75mu achieves the highest awarded certification of a 2 year certification before requiring re-testing. The markings, aesthetics & general condition of the helideck coating was excellent.

We would like to thank Texo Integrity+ for their professionalism using our products correctly and look forward to working with them again on helidecks and other projects in the future.”

Aviation Advisor for this asset, Mike Reynolds from Aviateq remarked: “It was apparent that despite the challenging conditions within the habitat, a team of painters from Texo Integrity+ were able to produce a stunning example of a helideck repaint with the added difficulties that the Chevron and H markings were swung to allow for nearby structures. The grip level obtained with the repaint were close to the upper limit of the obtainable ‘Mu’ value allowing for the Rig to operate without an expensive helideck landing net. All the markings were in accordance with CAP 473 regulations at the time.”

The Friction test was carried out by Liam Shand from Swire Oilfield Services and he commented: “After covering the helideck visually, it was clear that the quality of the antislip paint that was applied was very good.

Following The Finlay Irvine micro grip test, the data was gathered and then analysed. The results showed that the work was carried out to a very high standard and the highest awarded certification of 2 years was issued to the client.”