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Expanding On-Site Facilities For A Growing Workforce

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JTL Ltd.

JTL Ltd. (Specialist Services) is based in Dundee, and we had previously installed office and welfare facilities for them. The client asked us to expand those existing facilities to allow them to cater for additional staff numbers.

The solution

Restricted access and space next to the existing module within the warehouse, meant that we needed to take a dimensional survey of the area to ascertain if the unit would fit. We also had to make sure that, with the use of forklifts and heavy duty trolly wheels, the additional module could be safely installed in the desired location. The openings were also checked for height and width.

The new module was constructed in our facility in Aberdeen and was outfitted with an additional office area. The module was transported to site when it was 90% complete. Trims and other final fittings were installed on-site.

In addition to the new module, the originally installed unit needed some minor modifications which involved the removal of two window panels to create a walk-through between the existing and new modules and to create a larger open plan office.

Expanding On-Site Facilities For A Growing Workforce

The result

Module construction off site and pre-built before installation significantly reduced the time on site. This resulted in reduced downtime for the client’s staff, and ensured that all works could take place in a controlled, safe, and socially distanced way.

Expanding On-Site Facilities For A Growing Workforce