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Successful fabrication of 30-metre spud can and extensions

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TEXO Port Services has completed a number of successful projects with Osbit, a sub-sea engineering and offshore technology company. The client asked us to submit a bid to fabricate a 30-metre spud-can and two 3-metre spud-can extensions for installation on an offshore vessel. The project ran over a five-month period.


We worked closely with other subcontractors, as production of a longitudinal submerged arc-welded pipe can only be achieved with specialist suppliers involved. We sub-contracted the rolling and welding portion of this project to a trusted supplier and once the 50mm-thick steel plates were delivered to our fabrication facility, we formed the final can and manufactured a rack and pinion gear which was welded to the external surface.

Successful fabrication of 30-metre spud can and extensions


Once the spud-cans had been successfully fabricated and finished, we needed to transport them to the client. This required an extendable flatbed trailer and managed the associated police permits, route plan and escort.

Successful fabrication of 30-metre spud can and extensions


TEXO successfully executed the 30-metre spud fabrication for Osbit, performing well against the project’s demanding scope and schedule. They were transparent and proactive, providing regular progress updates, as well as welcoming collaborative and creative thinking. Osbit has genuinely enjoyed working with the TEXO team on this project and we are delighted with the outcome delivered.

Osbit project representative