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Access Track Condition Assessment

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TEXO DSI has a long history of delivering various levels of assessment to clients for their access to key infrastructure. TEXO was asked to visually identify any possible issues with an access track, such as encroachments, failures and general conditions of the surface. 


TEXO deployed a team to conduct photogrammetric data collection and visual inspection. The data was further enhanced using vehicle-mounted LiDAR and camera systems to allow the track to be driven and 3D mapped to 5mm relative tolerances.

The photogrammetry survey was captured to deliver highly detailed aerial ortho-imagery of the general track and surrounding areas for assessment and report generation.

To increase the level of detail, the team utilised confined space drones to inspect any major culverts or bridges from inside and below.
The vehicle-mounted LiDAR delivered a survey-grade accuracy point cloud that had even penetrated the roadside vegetation to give the drainage profile running parallel to the road.

All data was processed and delivered on Texzone – an interactive client portal enabling all findings to be tagged and annotated.

Access Track Condition Assessment


Rapid delivery of the processed data allowed the client to immediately interrogate the deliverables. With remote processing and offsite QA/QC, the high-quality deliveries resulted in a 75% reduction in site time.

Through Texzone, tagging and cross-referencing of all defects was undertaken with reporting available to different stakeholders via PDF-based and interactive reports. Specialist scaling software in Texzone enables defects to be accurately measured and their positions identified.

Vegetation management utilised automatic highlighting of vegetation-derived LiDAR points within pre-defined distances to the track.
Track dimensions and sweep path analysis supported clashes detection for new infrastructure.

The final deliverable was a full topographic survey update for the track, and a summary of all defects across each asset, including size and severity.

Access Track Condition Assessment