Data Protection Policy

TEXO has a Data Protection policy in place through our organisation. TEXO shall actively ensure that all candidate or personal information which is stored either electronically or in hard copy will be in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

In support of this the following steps shall be taken to ensure that the policy is adhered to;

  • Accurate and Audible records of candidate data will be stored electronically within a secure server
  • Regular review of security measures shall be taken to ensure compliance
  • Access will only be provided to TEXO staff personnel where required
  • Access to assessment material will be controlled and will only be reviewed by the specific awarding body that the assessment material relates to
  • Material and data will be retained for the required period of times as specified by the awarding body

For further information on Data Protection and GDPR, please refer to HR-PRO-081 Data Protection (GDPR) Procedure.

Everyone within the organisation is required to co-operate fully in the implementation of this Policy and in all measures put in place by the Company in order to achieve this policy. To achieve the commitment, support and involvement of all our personnel and those of any External Providers utilised, TEXO will actively foster a culture of open & honest communication throughout the Company. This will be achieved by using such feedback to measure and monitor the systems in place within our operations and drive continual improvement.