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Engineering & Fabrication

Aft Mast Fabrication for Clients New Ferry

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One of TEXO’s new clients in the marine sector after completion of the tendering and audit process were awarded the Aft Mast Fabrication for one of its New Ferry’s.

TEXO were required to gain additional weld procedures to the client’s specifications to be able to perform this work and did so in a very short time frame, this helped progress through the tendering an audit phase.

The work was performed in TEXO’s standalone clean Facility in in Fourth Ports Dundee.

The Solution

Over the course of three working weeks, our fabrication team used a range of specialist welding equipment. These were necessary because the mast is made from aluminium – which can distort during welding, so our skilled fabricators & aluminium qualified Welders had to manage the manufacturing in a specific sequence to mitigate against any movement from the transfer of heat.

Aft Mast Fabrication for Clients New Ferry

The Results

We had our challenges at the start of the execution but due to TEXO’s dedicated teams we were able to get the project to meet the delivery schedule for the client to the original budget to allow them to meet their end customer demands.

Aft Mast Fabrication for Clients New Ferry