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Inspection and reporting on 33kV pole structures

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Working for one of the largest electricity network companies in the UK, TEXO Survey & Inspection is working on a long-term framework to inspect transmission networks. For this project, we were asked to inspect and report on the condition of the FB circuit.


This project required us to survey 212 twin pole structures, many of them situated on private land. After obtaining the necessary permissions to access the land, our expert team used state-of-the-art unmanned survey technology to survey all target areas of the line in just 12 days.

Inspection and reporting on 33kV pole structures


Our detailed inspection data, which was fully available to the client within 24 hours of the end of the data capture, has allowed the client to assess both the current condition and the future resilience of the line.

Using our bespoke TEXZONE cloud-based platform, office-based inspectors have been able to access the data remotely, understand the conditions of the line and put plans in place for any further work. All defects found had instant imagery evidence within TEXZONE to pass to key decision makers and repair teams, with geolocated and cross-referenced information available within the TEXZONE system.

Inspection and reporting on 33kV pole structures