Case Study

Engineering & Fabrication

Modifying Platform Interface Stair Tower Modules

Our client asked us to manage modifications to two existing stair tower modules – originally designed, fabricated and installed by TEXO on a jack up to platform interface. The modifications were needed to allow road transportation to the client’s logistics base for storage. The client chose to work with us because of our successful relationship from the previous project.

The Solution

The Stair Tower Modules were engineered and designed for a specific project based on a TEXO FEED analysis and preliminary engineering, which were successfully installed and uninstalled offshore.

We used specialist equipment to split the modules to the client’s requirements – based on the restricted head height at its storage facilities. We needed to ensure that the modules could be reassembled in the future when the client needs to reinstate them.

Modifying Platform Interface Stair Tower Modules

The Results

The client was pleased with the results, which allowed easier transport and storage of the modules, removing the need for them to be disposed of.

Modifying Platform Interface Stair Tower Modules