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Offshore Wet-Room And Dry Store Floor Replacement

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We were approached by a current client and asked to survey and provide a proposal to remove the existing floor and to put down new floor finishes in 32 cabin wet rooms as well as a dry store on an operational offshore asset. This work was part of the client’s ongoing maintenance programme.


The work involved us uplifting the existing ceramic tile floor finishes in batches of four rooms at a time. Once these had been lifted and the old floor had been removed for safe disposal, we managed all necessary remedial works to the floor structure and made preparations to the facility floor structures to allow them to receive the new floor finish.

Once the floor had been primed, a skim coat of screed was put down, followed by the epoxy base and the epoxy flood coat which was completed with the addition of colour flakes. Once the floor was complete, we provided a sealer coat with glass beading to ensure the floor was anti slip and long lasting.

Offshore Wet-Room And Dry Store Floor Replacement


All the works were organised to take place around the demands of the working platform to ensure minimal disruption and minimal downtime in any of the work areas, whilst still maintaining a safe, and socially distanced working environment.

Offshore Wet-Room And Dry Store Floor Replacement