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Replacing Mud Pump Pressure Relief Valves

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TEXO Engineering & Fabrication was commissioned by our client to carry out an offshore survey of three Mud Pump Pressure Relief Valves (PRVs) and associated piping on board their Jack-Up Rig.

The survey needed to deliver data to support the removal of these PRVs, and then install new valves with minimal impact on the existing piping, supports and structures. The client also requested that the modifications would allow the existing valves to be reinstated in future if required.

The Solution

We used 3D laser scanning which created a point cloud scan of the in-situ pipework, and then used the data to create 3D pipe models and clash-free routing to accuracy levels of (+/- 0.001” for perfect retrofitting precision.

From the Pipe models we created Fabrication and Installation Piping Isometrics to allow to the 3 x Spools to be manufactured, welds tested by radiography and coated all onshore prior t the installation.

Our fabrications team needed to deliver:

  • New PRV, connected to the low-pressure line using a 3” male/female hammer union extension, 158mm circa overall length.
  • Modified high-pressure pipeline, which needed to be shortened by 149mm, with a 3” female sub fig 1502 Hammer Union fitted at the end.
  • New PRV connected to the high-pressure line using a 3” male/female hammer union extension, 244mm overall length.



Replacing Mud Pump Pressure Relief Valves

The Results

Based on TEXO’s Piping Design and Manufacture there was no hot work required for the installation, this allowed the client to install the pipework with their rig crew causing minimal impact to their offshore operations.

Replacing Mud Pump Pressure Relief Valves
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