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Seeking Solutions for London's Tunnel Network

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A client specializing in emergency response and confined space projects approached TEXO, a respected name in infrastructure assessment. The client required an evaluation of several tunnels in London housing high-voltage cables ahead of Network Power’s cable removal and tunnel preparation for sale.


Innovative Assessment Approaches

Innovative Approach
Faced with the challenge of confined spaces, live high-voltage cables, and potential hazards, TEXO introduced a groundbreaking solution. They deployed a drone to assess the tunnel’s condition, as a conventional manned-survey was deemed too hazardous.

Revealing Discoveries
The drone’s exploration revealed promising conditions at the tunnel entrance. However, deeper inside, signs of moisture buildup, mud on the floor, and tree root ingress indicated water intrusion and structural concerns. Further exploration unveiled corroded upper bolts and signs of submersion, ultimately restricting the drone’s progress.

Seeking Solutions for London's Tunnel Network


3D Modelling and Comprehensive Insights

In-Depth Evaluation
To enhance the drone survey, TEXO engaged a ground team to scan the tunnel entrances above ground and at the entryway. This data served as the basis for creating a detailed 3D model of the tunnel’s interior space.

Virtual Exploration
The 3D model allowed the client to virtually ‘stand’ inside the tunnel, enabling precise measurements and facilitating the development of a safe and accurate project plan.

Actionable Information
TEXO presented a comprehensive condition report, pinpointing specific areas of interest that required further attention. This data offered invaluable insights that would guide Network Power’s decisions for the future of the tunnel infrastructure.

Seeking Solutions for London's Tunnel Network


Pioneering Infrastructure Assessment with Innovation and Expertise

Strategic Innovation
The project showcased TEXO’s pioneering use of drone technology – in conjunction with ground surveys and 3D modeling – to reveal concealed challenges within London’s tunnel network. This illustrated the power of innovation in infrastructure assessment and highlighted TEXO’s commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of its clients.

Ensuring Safety and Efficiency
This project underscored TEXO’s proficiency in navigating and assessing infrastructure in demanding environments, ultimately ensuring the safety and efficiency of critical projects.

Seeking Solutions for London's Tunnel Network