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Supporting a move towards a greener future

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TEXO were approached to provide new piping as part of a petroleum system upgrade to accommodate E10 fuel. The client came to TEXO because we have worked successfully with them in the past, providing the high standards of fabrication and personnel they need.


This project is part of the UK’s Energy Transition plans and is one of the government’s 10 points for moving towards a greener environment. We were contracted in December 2019 and therefore were faced with the challenges caused by the pandemic in terms of our limited access to the sites involved, and by the need to limit outages for the client.

We worked closely with the client to ensure a smooth transition from an inefficient system to the new E10 system which works with much greater efficiency.


Supporting a move towards a greener future


TEXO did a great job with both the offsite fabrication and installation on this project. Professional, efficient, and very knowledgeable installation team – minimising onsite works wherever possible. During system commissioning, TEXO really supported us in both the planning and execution stages to minimise system downtime, ensure a safe installation, and were able to support other activities during a rather hectic day!”

Supporting a move towards a greener future