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UAS Racking Inspection – Internal Drone Inspection Using the Elios 3

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A case study relating to the inspection of dated internal racking systems to identify the extent of damage

One of the UKs largest manufacturers of refined products required an inspection on racking that had been on site for 30 years. The client wanted to determine whether the racking needed replacing, or whether minor repairs would suffice after so many years of service.



Using the Elios 3 platform allowed a one-man team to capture a large warehouse in just 4 days, cutting down inspection time by weeks. With only one lane closed each day, work could proceed as normal, meaning there was no downtime whilst the essential inspection work was being carried out.

UAS Racking Inspection – Internal Drone Inspection Using the Elios 3


No working at height required
Conventional methods for racking inspection would require either rope access or working from a mobile platform. These are significantly more dangerous than using the Elios 3, which is the safest indoor drone in busy environments, thanks to its state-of-the-art LiDAR positioning system.

Every joint accounted for
Typically, you will only receive the defects with a normal inspection report. With the Elios 3, a video is recorded of the entire flight. If you had a defect arise that you weren’t aware of, you could confirm whether the issue was present at the time of the inspection or if it was a new issue. Every joint in the warehouse was recorded and logged, giving the client a permanent log of the condition of their racking.

Job completed weeks before traditional methods
Traditional methods require a lot more time to plan and physically capture. The Elios 3 is much more flexible with its capture pattern, allowing more detail in hard-to-reach areas. It’s also not fixed to a platform or rope, so can manoeuvre much faster than traditional inspection methods.

What TEXO delivered

• 3D LiDAR Point Cloud of the entire warehouse
• Photo & video evidence of every section of racking
• Elios Inspector files, allowing the client ssto use a 3D space to locate all tagged defects
• Full report detailing all defects located, rated by severity

UAS Racking Inspection – Internal Drone Inspection Using the Elios 3