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Unmanned survey captures essential transmission network data

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Working with one of the largest electricity network companies in the UK, TEXO Survey & Inspection is working on a long-term framework to inspect transmission networks. For this project, we were asked to inspect and evaluate the XS1/XS2 circuits.


We used our state-of-the-art unmanned airborne survey technologies to inspect 105 steel lattice structures, allowing us to collect information that gave an accurate picture of the condition of each structure. The client particularly wanted to gather data on the earth bonds, which had failed previously.

To complete this project successfully, our team handled all land access permissions and completed the inspection in just 10 days.

Unmanned survey captures essential transmission network data


The detailed capture enabled office-based inspectors to later inspect and grade 67 key areas on the transmission towers hosted and stored on the cloud-based solution TEXZONE which enabled instant actionable evidence to the client. All data was presented in a matrix table detailing the severity of each area.

All defects found had instance imagery evidence within TEXZONE to pass to key decision makers and even repair teams with geolocated and cross-referenced information available within the one system.

Subsequently reports were generated of the Earth Bonds and some minor analysis was undertaken to asses’ trends in bond orientation and other factors potentially present.

Unmanned survey captures essential transmission network data