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Vent Line Pipe Clamp Design & Manufacture

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TEXO Engineering & Fabrication was commissioned by our client to carry out an offshore survey of the Stbd Leg to allow for a method of supporting an 8” Vent Line by means of Piping Clamps on board their Jack-Up Rig.

The survey needed to deliver data to support the manufacturing & installation of the Vent Line Pipe Clamps along with the actual 8” Vent Lines.

The Solution

TEXO’s design and engineering team modeled up the Stbd Leg and the Vent Line to allow them to produce a design for the clamping arrangement. This was passed to the engineering team who performed engineering calculation analysis to prove the design was suitable to sustain the loading conditions, the design was approved and was moved onto manufacture.

Approved for Construction the Vent Line Pipe Clamps went into fabrication where it was also inspected and coated as per client’s specification and delivered to the client for shipping offshore.

Our client informed us of the date they required TEXO’s Rope Access Construction Team to mobilise at short notice, so all personnel, tools and equipment were expedited and sent offshore in a TEXO Stores container to allow or team to perform the installation.

Vent Line Pipe Clamp Design & Manufacture

The result

TEXO Rope Access Construction Team performed the installation to the highest of quality and with the utmost regard to health and safety to complete the task required to the delight of our client.

TEXO have been asked back to remove the Vent Lines and Clamps and re-install them on another leg due to change of location.

Vent Line Pipe Clamp Design & Manufacture