A Strong Start to 2022 for Workspace Solutions

As our first financial quarter draws to a close and the thought of another year kicking off with the same pandemic constraints, it did feel that we were in for yet another long haul but not quite the case states Richard Lamb, Divisional Director for TEXO Workspace Solutions.

“Yes it’s been tough, however here at TEXO we believe that we have done our time and paid our dues to the pandemic, and it’s now time to show we are here stronger than ever.

Persistence pays, and that has been proven by our team after delivering a broad mix of projects – both on and offshore, and across numerous business sectors – throughout these difficult times. We are proud that we have not just maintained our team but have actually expanded and are in a better position than ever.

As always, the support from our investor has been incredible, and the vision set and now achieved by Group Managing Director Chris Smith to bring the whole company together as one complete service offering has built a team spirit like no other.

Repeat and new clients alike are now realising and benefiting from this complete service offering. We are big enough to manage the largest of projects, whilst remaining small enough to care. It is that personal touch that we believe in that build confidence amongst our client base.

For TEXO Workspace Solutions, we firmly believe that the year ahead will see us very busy across all sectors covering offshore accommodation upgrades, marine and land-based modular and our building support services. Having every service from architectural to HVAC in-house is a huge benefit and is demonstrated by our speed of response and ultimate delivery.

Our wide-ranging capabilities provide a great spread across mixed sectors and clients. Our first quarter has delivered projects within our Airport, Police, Offshore, Refinery, Marine and Building Maintenance portfolio, and we’ve secured advance projects including large-scale projects for Accommodation Land Camps and Modular Buildings for the Education Sector. This not only brings work to us as a singular service, it brings opportunities across the entire business and provides clients with the opportunity to appreciate a single point service.”

A Strong Start to 2022 for Workspace Solutions