Alan Conway becomes inaugural TEXO brand executive

Previous Director of TEXO Port Services moves to newly-created role to support brand awareness and business development.

TEXO Group, one of the UK’s leading industrial services providers, is delighted to announce that Alan Conway has been appointed as the Group’s Brand Executive. The new role has been created to support TEXO’s growth and expansion into new markets, raising further awareness of the brand and ensuring that the company delivers on its brand values across all areas of the business.

Alan Conway, who has been Director of TEXO Port Services since 2019, has been appointed as TEXO’s Brand Executive with immediate effect, responsible for promoting TEXO across marketing channels, as well as representing the TEXO Foundation at industry, community and charity events.

“This is an important step in TEXO’s growth plans,” said Chris Smith, Group MD. “As we have moved through the gears in terms of structuring and building the company over the past few years, we have reached a point where we need a dedicated team to support brand management and business development campaigns across the Group. Alan, with his experience in one of our successful divisions, is the ideal choice to bring this role to life.”

As Brand Executive, Alan will be responsible for relationship management, building on contact with existing clients and building new relationships to develop new market opportunities.

“I’m very excited about this opportunity,” he said. “As a previous Director of one of TEXO’s divisions, working in a multi-disciplinary environment, I understand the unique skills and perspectives that the Group brings to its projects, and I’ve been part of the team that has developed the reputation for delivery that we are all so proud of. This is a chance to move the brand to the next level, working alongside my colleagues to deliver a fantastic brand experience to everyone who comes into contact with TEXO.”

TEXO Port Services will now be led by Bruce Gill and Gareth McMurray, with a full handover to ensure complete continuity across existing projects and opportunities. Please contact Port Services on 01670 570 214.

Alan Conway becomes inaugural TEXO brand executive