See Why TEXO DSI Are The Explorers Of Today

Texo DSI has launched a video that encapsulates how scanning, imaging and drone technology has transformed industrial survey and asset management.

The combination of Texo DSI’s highly trained UAV pilots with the latest visual data technology is why the company is able to say “we capture the impossible”.

Texo DSI works with valued customers across a range of industries including construction, nuclear, utilities, and offshore energy, delivering services where no survey has gone before.

Airborne survey is fast and efficient, delivering superior results to traditional survey. Texo DSI specialises in surveying areas that other methods can’t reach without significant time and cost investment and exposing people to risk.

James Arnott, Head of Operations and Remote Sensing, Texo DSI said:

“Survey using UAV is ideal for a range of uses, from key infrastructure, buildings and building sites, to equipment and assets that need to return to operation after disruption from the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Our video encapsulates the excitement of what TexoDSI makes possible.”


About Texo DSI

Texo DSI offers:
Topographical survey using LIDAR
Highly accurate 3D point cloud models
3D digital twins
Detailed visual inspection
Thermal imaging

Texo Group ( with sister company Texo DSI, offers a multi-disciplined integrated asset management service to a range of industrial sectors. The fast-growing group has integrated a series of recent acquisitions, bringing in leadership with decades of experience to form its core divisions, including: Workspace Solutions, Engineering & Fabrication, Asset Integrity, Port Services and Recruitment and Livestream, alongside Texo DSI.