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TEXO Accommodation Space Solutions

Texo Accommodation, part of Texo Group of companies, has launched a range of modular products to meet demand for increased safety and social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Texo Accommodation, through its land-based modular division, can now deliver flexible office and welfare space, test centres, hand wash rooms and sanitary units to workplaces and public facilities across the UK.

Modular office and welfare space (locker rooms or canteen space), as well sanitary facilities with toilets, offer organisations the opportunity provide sufficient social distancing space on a flexible and temporary basis, particularly for organisations providing essential services. Space for handwashing before entry to or departure from premises also ensures increased care is provided for all visitors or attendees.

Test centres offers facilities external space to ensure visitors are healthy and do not have fever before they enter premises.

The concepts are produced by Texo Accommodation partner, ELA Container, the German modular building specialist. ELA has delivered a number of placements of modular systems in the UK and Europe to support customers during the Covid19 pandemic.

Richard Lamb, Managing Director of Texo Accommodation, said: “The situation around working practices and the pandemic has been fast moving and requirements on how to work safely have been changing just as quickly.

“Most responsible employers in the UK are requiring their staff to work remotely where possible, but workers are still needed to deliver essential goods and services. In these instances, providing enough washroom and canteen space, office or even hand washing facilities can make places safer for all anywhere in the UK.”

All modular units come ready to use and can be installed with a minimum footprint rapidly anywhere in the UK. They are procured and installed in line with all relevant government guidelines on safe working and the delivery of services in the support of health and wellbeing.

Texo Accommodation has significant experience of providing bespoke modular units for a variety of uses across range of industrial sectors including offshore energy, aviation and construction.

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To discuss requirements, contact: Richard Lamb, Managing Director, Texo Accommodation

TEXO Accommodation Space Solutions
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