TEXO Recruitment Expands to International Base

TEXO, the Aberdeen-based engineering and fabrication specialist, has announced that its recruitment service, TEXO Recruitment, has extended its remit beyond the UK into key international markets. This expansion allows the company to work with clients and candidates to source the best fit for projects of all types and in all locations.

TEXO Recruitment specialises in supporting onshore and offshore businesses with skilled, experienced recruitment, and engaging with local workforces for apprenticeship, Kickstart and other schemes designed to help people acquire the skills and experience they need for a career in the engineering, fabrication, asset management and survey sectors.

As far as its international reach is concerned, TEXO Recruitment is leveraging the skills, knowledge and network of one of its Senior Recruitment Consultants, Kris Langley. Kris is based in the Group’s offices at the Port of Blyth and has significant international experience in the oil and gas and renewable energy markets in particular. This makes TEXO Recruitment ideal for companies and organisations who have or need a global project reach.

“I have been working with existing clients in the renewables market, opening up potential new opportunities for TEXO in those areas,” says Kris. The majority of the roles I work on are based outside the UK – there are significant project opportunities in Asia and also in Europe. We work closely with ex-pats, particularly in senior roles, who have the right type of experience and relocate them to projects that are looking for specialist skills.”

Kris feels that the market is strong and now is a good time for experienced candidates who are looking for overseas opportunities to come forward. “A number of global factors, including economic recovery from the pandemic and the climate crisis, are encouraging investment in exactly the type of projects where TEXO candidates have expertise,” he says.

Contact Kris Langley at for more information.

TEXO Recruitment Expands to International Base