TEXO Workspace Solutions Modular Team

‘Love to see them come and hate to see them go’

“That’s just the nature of the business,” says Richard Lamb, Divisional Director for TEXO Workspace Solutions. “There is nothing better than working with a client and filling your workshops, especially when each and every one is different.

TEXO Workspace Solutions modular team have a unique ability to deliver a huge cross-section of modular buildings for both their land and offshore-based clients. The mass production of one-offs is a favoured statement of Richard’s, and it’s that ability and flexibility that his team delivers that sets them apart.

Following on from a site survey and subsequent detailed design on our client’s requirement for an SCR module, our Technical Manager Dave Underwood coordinated the fabrication of the structural with the TEXO Port Services team in Blyth.

The opportunity for us to support fabrication between here or our fabrication halls in Dundee gives us flexibility on lead times or geographical advantages for our clients depending on their location.

Following on from structural completion, the Workspace Solution’s team mobilised to complete the architectural, electrical and HVAC scopes all ahead of a very tight schedule and the client’s FAT process.

The integration of any of our services to work across all TEXO locations is made easy under our Lean 5s processes. Quite simply, it does not matter where we are or what we are doing, the model remains the same and ensures we deliver seamless efficiency, safety, and quality under our banner of ‘Together We Are One’.


The standard of finish which I was introduced to on the Electrical Module was fantastic and a credit to TEXO. The attention to detail that I mentioned during the visit was in-depth and thought about. TEXO quite obviously employ some very conscientious and highly skilled tradesmen and organise their projects very well. I personally had discussions with many of the tradespeople who worked on this installation and they were all very receptive to conversation and very knowledgeable of what their aim was to produce.

From the original site visit, inspection and production of condition reports on the existing Electrical Module to the production of the new Module, TEXO has been very flexible and understanding of what our needs were here at TGE-Gas. There were a huge amount of variables and this was not a straightforward build for TEXO to produce. However, we are now at the completion stage with an Electrical Module which will set the standard for the remaining electrical installation works to follow on-site, with the finish and detail that we here at TGE-GAS will be receiving we are very satisfied.