Podcast Episode #1

Chris Smith

TEXO Group Managing Director

Tuned In Podcast

TEXO Tuned In is a new series of conversations with key people in the Engineering, Fabrication, Construction and Surveying industries to discuss innovation and points of consideration for changing landscape of these fields.

Podcast Episode #9

Podcast Episode #9

Debra Bruce
Managing Director of Texo Recruitment

In this episode of the TEXO Tuned In podcast we speak to Debra Bruce, Managing Director of Texo Recruitment, about TEXO Recruitment’s .....
Podcast Episode #8

Podcast Episode #8

Xiang Wong
Business Development Manager for Texo DSI

In episode 8 of the Texo Tuned In Podcast we speak with Xiang Wong, Business Development Manager for Texo DSI about how sector-relevant technical know...
Podcast Episode #7

Podcast Episode #7

Jim Jackson
Business Development Manager of TEXO DSI's Survey Division

In Episode 7 of the Texo Tuned In podcast we sit down with Jim Jackson, Business Development Manager for TEXO DSI's Survey Division .....
Podcast Episode #6

Podcast Episode #6

Chris Smith & Lauren Arnott

In Episode 6 of the Texo Tuned In podcast we talk with Lauren Arnott, Divisional Director of TEXO DSI and Chris Smith Texo Group Managing Director .....